Communal Matzah baking from age 13 & up

On Monday 11/4, at the GMCshul there will be a community Matzha baking. The price is 50₪ per person (each participant will receive between 8-10 Kosher Lepessach Matzot). To sign up for the Matzah baking from age 13 & up, join this whatsapp group? Signing up is mandatory!

Family field trip in the Modi’in area

On Monday on Chol Hamoed Pessach, 11/4, The whole community is going on a family field trip. We are leaving the Yishuv at 14:00 & coming back at around 17:00. Sign up here? Click here The field trip is appropriate for all ages!

Shmita laws lecture at the GMCshul

On Monday August 30th at 20:00 there will be a lecture by Rabbi Ginzberg about the laws of Shmita.
The lecture will be in english.

Everybody is invited!

There will be light snacks & drinks??

Purim Events

During Megillah reading we will have a puppet show for the children in the Shul. We will divide the group & keep safe!? ? 2m ? ? Come dressed up and bring lots of Purim energy? A meeting can break all boundaries The project operates to create meetings between neighbors to raise the community feeling …

Purim Events Read More »

Hanukkah Events

Hanukkah Navigation – “In Light of Maccabis” is on its way Hanukkah Menorah competition with GMCshul community A lecture “Love without borders” Story hour on Hanukkah

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