About the Ganei Modi'in Community Shul

The Ganei Modi’in Community Shul was established in 2017 to unite Jews from all stripes of the National Religious community in Ganei Modi’in. The Minyan is held in varied prayer styles (Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Teimani), which creates a sense of togetherness and gives voice to all under one roof. In 2019, the foundation “Ganei Modi’in Community Shul (NPO)” was founded to maintain the Shul and organize the community.

The Shul is located on 1 Shtelei Zeitim Street, between the elementary school and the Mammad ganim (kindergartens). Prayers are held on Shabbat and Holidays. There is a children’s prayer group, and a community Kiddush is held after Shabbat morning prayers. Presently, the community numbers around 50 families who participate in Shabbat prayers, and around 100 families who participate in communal events. 

The Shul and community are characterized by openness, acceptance, and a feeling that all are at home. We would be glad if you joined us, and welcome you to both prayers and community events.

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