Purim Events

During Megillah reading we will have a puppet show for the children in the Shul.

We will divide the group & keep safe!
? ? 2m ? ?

Come dressed up and bring lots of Purim energy?

A meeting can break all boundaries

The project operates to create meetings between neighbors to raise the community feeling in Ganei Modiin. The activities aren’t targeted for meetings far away or across the sea, rather specifically in the home. Anyone that we meet in our immediate environment but isn’t in our natural social circle.

We created special kits to prepare mishloach manot. The kit, besides its actual contents, is, in essence, a “reason for a party” and the trigger for contacting your neighbors.

The kit is taken from the distribution points, filled with candies or foods of your choice, then you knock on your neighbors’ door to wish a Happy Purim and deliver the mishloach manot.

We operate in the belief that each and every one of us has a responsibility to bring about change in the immediate environment and to maintain dialogue and interpersonal contact with our neighbors.

We have no doubt that as this activity grows, we will be able to increase the sense of belonging because a large community begins with small deeds.

Distribution points:
In the GMCshul, Shabbat Parshas Zachor
The Barak family home on the corner of Rambam and Rama

Purim Costume Competition

Each family gets dressed up, sends a picture on the whatsapp group & enters the competition???‍✈️??‍♀️?

On Sunday everybody will vote, through the GMCshul website, for the best costume & the winner will receive a gift card for the Red Pirate?

Good luck & happy Purim!!!

This year we are donating Zecher Lemachatzis Hashekel to the GMCshul
Help our amazing community grow & help us continue to build a shul.

Donate now?


Purim Schedule:

Begging of fast- 04:59
Ma’ariv- 17:50
End of fast- 17:55
Megillah reading- 18:20
Puppet show- 18:20
Cakes & drinks- 19:00
2nd Megillah reading- 19:15

Shacharit- 08:00
Megillah reading- 08:30
2nd Megillah reading- 09:30

At night Megillah reading will take place in groups of ten people in the open space behind the stairs going down to the Shul.
Please be cautious, keep your distance & avoid mingling!

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