An evening of Hafrashat Challah in the GMC (Kehilati) shul in the merit of the late David Reuven Ben-Haim Rosenthal z”l on his first Yartzheit

Meital Lewenstein and the female members of her family invite the women and girls of the community to partake in Hafrashat Challah in memory of their father, the late David Reuven Ben Haim Rosenthal, z”l
The evening will be led by Hadassah Ben Tolila.

Thursday, ט’ Sivan 20/5/21, at 20:30 in the Kehilati Shul, Shtilei Zeitim Street (next to the school and the kindergartens).
Everyone should bring: a large bowl, 2 kilos of flour and oil.

Please register so that we can prepare in advance👇

Light refreshments will be served

Everyone is welcome!

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